Climate Farmers

This production is currently in development.

A documentary film by Katja Becker, Jeremias Kraus, Jonathan Happ.
In co-production with Ujuzi Media and ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel

Paul and Janine are turning a neglected farm, located in the Pfälzer Land, into a very innovative agricultural business: On 100 hectares of land, they want to plant 1 million trees in the next 5 years and thereby set the cornerstone for a completely new form of agriculture. The project is supposed to become Europe's largest model farm in terms of area and demonstrate that, in contrast to conventional forms of agriculture, a regenerative system is not meant to destroy the humus content of the land, but can even build it up. This gives us the chance not only to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere, but to bind it in the humus and thus provide the answer to the great question of our time, how we can protect the coming generation from a climate catastrophe. At "Hof Lebensberg", various sustainable agricultural models will be combined in an exemplary project and thus applied together on one area for the first time in Germany. To realize their dream, the couple needs people to engage with their vision, work on the farm and live there as a community. The film accompanies Paul and Janine as they try, together with a handful of committed people, to transform barren wasteland into a sustainable, species-rich and economically profitable cultivated landscape.

Author/Direction Katja Becker, Jonathan Happ
Producer: Valentin Thurn
Co-producer Katja Becker
Production supported by NORDMEDIA; Filmstiftung NRW, DFFF