Film- and


10 billion - Whats on your Plate?

■ IDFA 2015, official selection Panorama, Netherlands
■ FFA Branchentiger, for being Box Office Hit No. 1 in Germany 2015
■ Best Documentary, 4th Peace and Love Film Festival, Sweden
■ 31. Agro Filmfestival, Slovak Republic
■ 5th Life Sciences Film Festival, Prague,
■ Award of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources
■ Darsser Naturefilm Festival, Award for Hajo Schomerus for outstanding camerawork
■ Darsser Naturefilm Festival, Childrens jury award
■ GreenMe Filmfestival Berlin 2016, best in category food
■ Santa Barbara International Filmfestival, Santa
■ Barbara 2016, winner of the Social Justice Award for Documentary Film
■ Docs Against Gravity Filmfestival 2016, Green Warsaw Award


■ Environmental Film Festival 2013, Torino, Italy – Eating City Special Award, CinemAmbiente
■ Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental da Serra da Estrela 2013, Portugal – Environmental Education Award, CineEco
■ 40thInternational festival of sustainable development films – Ekotopfilm 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia – Prize of the International Jury
Econsense Journalist Award for Economy and Sustainability 2013, Berlin, German

Taste The Waste

■ Germany: Atlantis Environment- and Nature- Film Festival, Wiesbaden, Best Film 2011
■ Czech Republic: 37. EKOFILM International Film Festival on the Environment and Natural and Cultural Heritage: Documentary Film Award 2011
■ Slovak Republic: 38th International Festival of Sustainable Development Films – ekotopfilm 2011: GRAND PRIX EKOTOPFILM 2011 – Prize of the Government of the Slovak Republic
■ Armenia: SunChild Film Festival, Special mention in the Environmental Film Competition
■ Romania: International Festival of Ecology and Environment Protection Films 2011, Grand Prix, Marele Premiu Eco Fest Oradea
■ Hungary: Plaquette of the International Scientific Film Festival 2011, Szolnok
■ China: Sichuan TV Festival, Nomination for the International “ Gold Panda” Award 2011, Best Long Documentary in the category of Nature & Environment
■ Germany: Environmental media award of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe 2011 for the film Taste The Waste
■ Germany: Audience Award, third place, by the readers of the Thüringer Allgemeinen Newspaper
■ Germany: Audience Award, „Goldene Zwiebel“, Best Documenatry Film by the Repetory Cinema in Esslingen
■ Germany: Hoimar-von-Ditfurth-Preis of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe for the best journalistic achievement (together with the film "Radioaktive Wölfe")
■ Belgium: Imagé Santé Festival, Liège, first prize in the Environment session
■ Germany: Readers Award 2011 by the Webseite „Lovelybooks“ for “Die Essensvernichter” – book to the film „Taste the Waste“, 3. Place in the non-fiction book category

The red line - Resistance in Hambach Forest

■ Winner of the Best Story Award 2020 at Natourlae in Wiesbaden.
■ Winner of the GREEN IMAGE Grand Prize 2020 in Tokyo.
■ Winner of the International Feature Award at the Planet in Focus Film Festival 2020 in Toronto.
■ Nominated in the category "Best Western European Film" at the EKOFILM Festival 2019 in the Czech Republic.
■ Nominated in the category Audience Award at the Greenmotions Film Festival 2019.

The Business of Development Aid - The Virtue of Multinationals

■ Special Jury Prize at the NaturVision Film Festival in Ludwigsburg (July 2018)

How do we manage the agricultural turnaround?

■ Salus Media Award 2019