A film by Jürg Neuenschwander and Razia Quadir | A Co-production with Container Film (Schwiss),
Dharitri Media and Communications Consultants (Bangladesh)

This production is currently in the financing phase.

For three decades, Rasheda Begum has fought in rural Bangladesh to bring some prosperity to her formerly starving family through hard work. Now that she is old, it is time to hand over the responsability to her children and grandchildren. Will they be able to fulfil their own dreams of a better life?

The film, which is as passionately as it is poetically narrated, interweaves current impressions and material collected over two and a half decades with diary notes and thoughts on the nature of things. It paints a fascinating, cross-generational portrait of a family at home in the here and now - an exploration of the power of dreams, the constraints of tradition and the strength we discover within ourselves if only we have the chance to actually pursue our goals. Powerhouse tells an extraordinary story - but one that is possible anywhere in the world.