Jonathan Happ

Jonathan Happ, born 1980, has been working as a freelance journalist and cameraman since 2006. He studied cultural geography with a focus on East Africa and is doing his doctorate on the topic of fair gold mining. He researches in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo or Uganda, among others, on topics such as informal gold mining, palm oil cultivation, land grabbing and nuclear power. Driven by curiosity, he always has open eyes and ears for topics, always with camera in hand to be able to document them from hour zero. The walk into deep mine shafts or the hour-long drive on muddy corrugated iron roads do not make him shy away. With the foundation of his production company GmbH in Lüneburg, he wants to tell undiscovered stories in exciting, creative and new formats and create an impact.

2016: Best Newcomer, Green Screen Filmfestival, Legacy Warnings
2017: Best short Film, Green Screen Filmfestival, Until the last Drop
2017: Best Short Film, Neustrelitz Nature Film Festival, Until the last Drop
2017: German Citizen Media Award, 1st prize video, G20 Fortress Hamburg
2020: Best Director, Mabig Film Festival, Searching for sustainable gold
2020: Honorable Mention, Natourale, Toxic Business