Dream On! - Yearning for Change

A feature-length documentary film by Valentin Thurn
A coproduction with Schnittstelle Köln, EIKON und dem RBB.

Kinostart: 30.09.2021

Five people who could hardly be more different: Designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel demands rent-free living for everyone and shows how this can be done with Tiny Houses - right in the middle of Berlin! Inventor Carl-Heinrich von Gablenz wants to let heavy loads float in balloons, even though he has already gone bankrupt with his idea once. Line Fuks emigrates to Portugal with all his heart and soul, so that their children will never have to go to school again, but will only learn what they want. Action artist Joy Lohmann builds floating islands - from garbage! And Günther Golob hopes for a journey without return: as a member of the first colonization mission to Mars. "Dream on" accompanies five protagonists who are looking for alternatives - for themselves, but also for society. As different as their ideas of a different life may be, they are united by a common starting point: a dream that first develops deep inside and then pushes further and further outwards. But why do they in particular manage to take their dreams seriously and believe in their realization? Director Valentin Thurn explores this mystery and discovers what drives dreamers to create their utopias and is there when they try to make them come true.

Co-Autor: Sebastian Stobbe
Camera: Gerardo Milsztein
Sound: Michael Arens, Thomas Funk
Editor: Birgit Köster
Music: Pluramon
Poetry: Doris Schilz
Speaker: Dagmar Manzel
Sound design & mixing: Jörg Höhne, Studio Mitte
Color Grading: Tobias Schaarschmidt, Studio Mitte
Admissions Manager SCHNITTSTELLE: Tatjana Röhrig
Head of production EIKON: Nick Pastucha
Production management rbb: Rainer Baumert
Editorial office rbb: Rolf Bergmann
Executive Producer SCHNITTSTELLE: Astrid Vandekerkhove
Co-Producer ThurnFilm: Valentin Thurn
Co-Producer EIKON: Ulli Pfau

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