A house made of garbage
Bauen für eine saubere Zukunft 

A film by Tatjana Mischke and Valentin Thurn
On behalf of SWR

Building for a better future. Three young idealists want to build Berlin's first house from completely recyclable materials. But the project turns out to be more difficult and cost-intensive than expected. The project presents the team with major personal challenges.

A young team consisting of two women and one man starts a construction project worth millions - but without ever having built a shed before. Their dream: to realize sustainable construction in a way that benefits the environment and society. The multi-story house is designed so that its components can be reused after demolition. To achieve this, the team uses only materials that other people throw in the trash. But the young visionaries soon reach their limits. They realize that the price they have to pay for the project is too high, emotionally and financially. They almost have to bury the dream and even their friendship. But against all odds, they keep at it, find a joint solution and are rewarded in the end: a house made only of waste materials. Unique in Germany.

Editorial office SWR: Joana Jäschke
Camera: Christopher Rowe
Sound: Jörg Theiss, Oliver Lumpe
Film edit: Birgit Köster

Am 25. März 2022, 19:40 Uhr, ARTE Re

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