Quarantine in a holiday paradise

A film by António Cascais
Commissioned by SWR
In the series Betrifft

It sounded like a good plan: While the Corona virus raged throughout Europe, Jörg Helmreich wanted to sit out the crisis on the Atlantic coast. Hardly any risk of infection in the sea breeze, the big cities far away.

The province of Alentejo in the southwest of Portugal is sparsely populated, a natural paradise. The area is considered to be largely free of the coronavirus. Jörg Helmreich is therefore not the only one with the idea of bridging the crisis here on the coast. Many campers from all over Europe are gathering at campgrounds because the campsites are closed. The quarantine proves to be less than paradisiacal and the previously so friendly hosts are increasingly annoyed.

The 15-minute piece by our author António Cascais is a contribution to the play Corona - and everything is different from the series Betrifft.

Editing: Martina Treuter

April 15, 2020 at 8:15 pm

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The film is available on the SWR Doku-Youtubekanal.