Lasst die Kohle in der Erde Rote Linie für das Klima

A film by Karin de Miguel-Wessendorf
On behalf of WDR

While the World climat summit is beeing held in Bonn, resistance is forming in the Hambacher Forst, just 70 kilometers in the rhenisch lignite mining area. A film about forest occupants, citizens' initiatives and committed church members, a moral portrait of the regional fight against global warming.

Almost 20000 participants, international diplomats, politicians and NGO’s are struggling in Bonn to slow down the global warming. While they are discussing the resistance is forming in the rhenisch lignite mining area. For many years activists have occupied the forest. “I’m not going to leave as long as they keep digging this hole”, says Clumsy, who lives in a tree house near to the opencut minging, to avoid further logging. The support by citizens' initiatives and environmental groups has grown significantly. In one of the biggest protest actions at the end of August, 3000 people, dressed in red, formed a red line on the route of the old A4. They showed that the excavators should stop here to save the remnants of the most contested forest in Germany and the surrounding villages.

First broadcast:
November 9, 2017, 23:25
April 29, 2019, 21.00, HR

Additional information:
Year of production: 2017
Length: 30 min