The dream of an organic farm
Zwischen Idylle und Knochenjob

A film by Insa Onken
Commissioned by WDR.

"I was pretty naive about it," says Anja (38). Together with her husband Frank (35), she moved to the countryside. They want to keep sheep, organic of course, and start a fresh cheese dairy. They embarked on the adventure with great enthusiasm.

Three years later, they have built up a small cheese dairy, but their dream of living a contented life in nature together with their three children still becomes a constant challenge. Work consumes them, time for family life is rare. The young couple slowly runs out of strength and their love is put to the test.

"With the experience I have now, I wouldn't do it again like this," says Lukas (30). Already during his training as an organic farmer, he leases an old farm. He wants to make it with organic farming of cows and chickens. His wife Miriam (31) also wants daughter Helene to grow up in nature, but also wants to finish her studies. "This is totally important for me. I don't want to be just the wife at his side."

Three years later, despite hard work and many new ideas, Lukas still lacks sufficient clientele. Miriam is pregnant with her second child and has interrupted her studies. The dream of living on an organic farm becomes a test of endurance. "I want to spend more time with my family, because otherwise I'll soon be without a wife and children."

Menschen hautnah begleitet die zwei Familien während der Gründungsphase ihrer kleinen Bio-Bauernhöfe. Und besucht sie drei Jahre später noch einmal: Halten sie durch oder platzt ihr Traum?

Editing: Angelika Wagner (WDR)

19.09.2019, 22:40 Uhr, WDR

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