Vers des transports durables – Des métropoles en mouvement  Pour ARTE

A film by Johan von Mirbach
On behalf of NDR

27.08.2022, 22:00 Uhr, ARTE

Our movie was shown at RADKOMM.Talk and afterwards discussed with Valentin Thurn and the director

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„Du bekommst genau das Verkehrsmittel, dass du dir einlädst!“ Kopenhagen wurde für Fußgänger und Radfahrer konstruiert – die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Bürger stieg dadurch enorm. Es ist beeindruckend zu sehen, welche Motivation von den Hauptakteur*innen der jeweiligen Städte ausgeht, und was man alles tun kann, wenn die Politik dahintersteht. Der Zukunftsfilmpreis geht an die Dokumentation, weil sie uns eindrucksvoll zeigt, wie die Zukunft unserer Städte aussehen könnte.

– Jurybegründung der Ökofilmtour 2023

How can our cities become more liveable? How do they make the air cleaner? How do they deal with rising temperatures due to climate change? How can they create space for a growing population? All these questions are being asked by urban planners and politicians around the world. And they are remodelling their cities, at breakneck speed: In Paris, Mayor Anne Hidalgo is closing the city motorway on the banks of the Seine and turning it into a promenade. At the same time, air taxis and a doubling of the metro network are to simplify mobility without a car. In the future, people should at best only live, work and shop in their own neighbourhood. No journey should take longer than 15 minutes. The government in Barcelona under Ada Colau is closing entire neighbourhoods to cars to reduce air pollution. Copenhagen is building bicycle motorways that will soon connect cities all over the country. Here, the car will soon be superfluous for businesses and craftsmen. In Berlin, a model city is being built on the site of the former Tegel Airport. Here, climate-friendly construction is underway and sharing stations are to make cars superfluous. The city planners' goal: more space for cyclists and pedestrians. But the visionaries also have to fight resistance. The conversion often takes much longer than planned. Is it even possible as they imagine it?

The documentary: "Transforming City Transport" shows pioneering approaches for a successful transport transition in our cities - in Europe and around the world.  

Editorial office NDR: Kathrin Bronnert
Camera: Frank Kranstedt, Christopher Rowe, Greg Somerville, Typhen Isemene
Film edit: Nico Schlegel (BFS)
Graphics: Paul’s Boutique
Sound on set Ralf Gromann
Music: Hans Engel
Sound mixing: Matteo Bohé
Color Grading: Can Köprülü
Assistant Singapore: Julienne Chan
Assistant Paris: Caroline Pelé
Speaker: Sonja Szylowicki
Line producer: Muriel Breier, Melanie Clausen (NDR)