TV premiere: When "system jumpers" grow up

Wir freuen uns über die Erstausstrahlungen der Miniserie von Katharina Wolff für Menschen hautnah “Wenn „Systemsprenger“ erwachsen werden” (Teil I und II).

The first episode "Where to go with Emil?" will be broadcast on Thursday, 20.01.2022, from 22.45 to 23.15h at WDR television. im WDR Fernsehen Episode II of II "Emil moves out" will be shown afterwards from 22.45 to 23.15h on WDR.

When we meet Emil's parents, they are completely desperate: they are urgently looking for a place where their 17-year-old son can live. Home is no longer an option. It is too dangerous. Emil was born with a brain organic anomaly. That is why his mental development is delayed, he reacts impulsively and aggressively from an early age. He flips out over trifles and also attacks his siblings or parents. The bigger and stronger he gets, the less his parents Anette and Stefan manage to handle the situations themselves. They have got used to bruises, but one day they have to call the police. The situation has escalated.

What is to become of Emil when he comes of age? It is very difficult to find a proper place where Emil can stay as an adult. So far he has been kicked out of all possible care systems.

The same is true for 17-year-old Mercedes, one of Emil's former classmates. Her mother Katarzyna put her in the care of the Youth Welfare Office three years ago because she simply had no more strength as a mother stand the constant outbursts of rage at home were too violent. Since then, Mercedes has had to move from institution to institution and now, as she turns 18, she is to move again. But there is no new place for her to live yet. Even on the day before her birthday, her family does not know where Mercedes can go, fearing that she will become homeless, despite her mental impairment. This is because for so-called "system breakers" like Emil and Mercedes, there are hardly any suitable facilities where they can live in permanent protection and develop positively.

The Menschen hautnah team accompanied both families with the camera for a year and witnesses a small miracle...