Cinema release of The Second Life

The cinema documentary by Davide Gambino – The Second Life – will be released on 21. April 2022 in cinemas nationwide!

Before that, there is already the possibility to see the film at local premieres.

10.4. Premiere Frankfurt, Mal Seh’n
11.4. Pre-premiere Hamburg, Abaton, 19:30 h
12.4. Premiere Berlin with director Davide Gambino, Hackesche Höfe, 19:30 h
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21.4. Cinema release nationwide with director Davide Gambino

Author and director: Davide Gambino
Camera: Dieter Stürmer
Sound: Manuel Ernst, Jule Cramer
Music: Jan Swerts
Edit: Simon Arazi, Christelle Berry
Editorial office RTBF: Isabelle Christiaens

A co-production with Mon Amour Films and Take Five

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