The Second Life wins the award for best documentary film

THE SECOND LIFE by Davide Gambino and co-writer Lukas Roegler (World Sales: New Nocs) wins on the 13th edition of SiciliAmbiente Film Festival in San Vito Lo Campo, Sicily the award for the best documentary 2021.

There is a widespread misconception that taxidermists are poachers who work in small and dark rooms among entrails and bones, harbor a macabre fascination with death, and decorate their homes with large hunting trophies. We know little about this complex cultural technique and the people who master it, working day in and day out at the intersection of craft, art and science.
In this film, we follow three world-class preparers as they prepare for the Taxidermy Championshops. A fascinating interplay between life and death, man and environment, naturalness and artificiality.

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