TV premiere: A city for all - We help ourselves

We are pleased about the first broadcast of "A City for All - We Help Ourselves" by Susanne Böhm and Uwe Kassai on the 11.11, at 9:00pm on SWR. As part of the ARD theme week "City. Country. Change", we accompany homeless people who occupy a house in Cologne and upgrade it through self-organization.

What happens when people who are dependent on social aid start to help themselves? Harry and Iva have been organizing a food distribution on the street since the first Lockdown in Stuttgart, and André has unceremoniously turned an entire office building in Cologne into a visionary housing project for the homeless. How do professional helpers react to this new self-confidence? And how does the commitment change the actors themselves, who until then had been passive recipients of welfare?

Further broadcasts:
12. November, 10:15 am, SWR
25. November, 21:45 pm, Tagesschau24

The film will be available in the media library for one year starting Nov. 10. ARD abrufbar.