Die Krise überstehen
Wie kann Glaube helfen?

A film by Tatjana Mischke
Co-author: Kadrye Acar
On behalf of WDR
In the series Echtes Leben

"Everything we relied on is suddenly gone. Now we all have to reorient ourselves. What is important to us?" The streets in Cologne have become empty since the contact ban. The churches are closed. Pastor Mörtter hurries to get to the greengrocer, because this is where he gets the best leads on where there is need in his community. "It's like a crossroads we're at: Do we choose to pipe down, or do we choose to show more solidarity?"

But how can we experience community when distance rules and distance dominate our everyday life? Or when community suddenly means certain death. That's the case with Stefan Weirich. The beekeeper from the Catholic parish of St. Maria has already had ten heart operations. He would not survive an infection with the Corona virus. "Every person I meet on the street can be the death of me. It's not nice to think that."

Meanwhile, at Berlin's Havelhöhe Community Hospital, Dr. Tankred Stöbe is preparing for the situation when he has more patients than intensive care beds. "If there are too many patients, then we have to decide who to help and who to let die." He usually only knows this situation from his missions in crisis areas around the world. How much does that weigh on his conscience?

Echtes Leben accompanies pastors, doctors and sick people through the first weeks of the crisis and asks how they manage to find support and confidence in the crisis.

Editing: Angelika Wagner (WDR)

19. April 2020 um 17.30 Uhr, ARD

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