Das Schulexperiment
Hat die Inklusion eine Chance?

A film by Kadriye Acar
A production for WDR

Jonas is currently on an integrative elementary school, his grades are very good. Both, teachers and parents believe that Jonas could go to high school. Actually, there is still time, because it is not until 2016 that he goes to the secondary school. But it's more difficult than with other children. Jonas has Down syndrome. All secondary schools, with which his parents have already made contact, have waved off. They do not want Jonas. Above all, the grammar schools are reserved. Although still a year is running, time is, too. Inclusion (the common instruction for pupils with and without disability) is currently the most difficult task of schools. Parents and children meet at schools that are not prepared for them. And it often lacks money. But can it nevertheless succeed? And if so, what conditions must be fulfilled?

14.05.2017, 17:15 – 17:45

27.07.17, 22:55 on WDR
08.07.18, 7:00 on SWR

Editorial: Angelika Wagner (WDR)

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