The money networkers
Mit lokaler Währung durch die Corona-Krise

A Film by Karin de Miguel Wessendorf
On behalf of hr

In the Spanish region of Catalonia, two cities are trying to alleviate the Corona consequences with local money. This works so well in Santa Coloma de Gramenet that the neighboring town of Barcelona even wants to pay its employees part of their salaries in the local currency in the future. Silvia Pérez runs a small restaurant here. Her business has suffered badly from the lockdown, and now she is getting state aid in the local currency. This also strengthens other businesses in the city from which she buys. A local anti-crisis network is being created. Santa Coloma de Gramenet was the local currency pioneer in Spain. It introduced the "grama" five years ago to help local businesses through the financial crisis. Now the instrument is also proving its worth in the pandemic.

In the small coastal community of Deltebre near Tarragona, the local currency was only introduced during the pandemic. Here, Marisa Miró has to manage her daily life with little money. She has been unable to work since an accident at work. When she became seriously ill with COVID, she was confined to her apartment for three months. The isolation plunged her into depression. She now receives social support from the city - in the newly introduced local currency. Not a large sum, but it helps her get back on her feet. Marisa receives 120 "Euro-Delta" every three months from the city hall treasury. But she can only use this money to shop in local stores and cafés. The double advantage: she gets out among the people, and local commerce also benefits from the Corona aid.

Editorial hr Sabine Mieder
Camera: Frank Kranstedt, Matthias Popp
Sound: Christoph Schnüll
Film edit: Christian Becker

Am 22. April 2022, 19:40 Uhr, ARTE

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