Valentin Thurn on "Dream on!" on "Fortune Cookie - Your Happiness Podcast"

Valentin Thurn was the guest on the 68th episode of the Glückskeks Podcast and talked about dreaming, about the inspirations that have helped people and himself to break out of the hamster wheel. "Dream on!" makes it clear that you don't have to throw away dreams right away, instead you can take them seriously.

Co-Autor: Sebastian Stobbe
Camera: Gerardo Milsztein
Sound: Michael Arens, Thomas Funk
Film edit: Birgit Köster
Music: Pluramon
Lyrics: Doris Schilz
Speeker: Dagmar Manzel
Sound-Design & Mix: Jörg Höhne, Studio Mitte
Color Grading: Tobias Schaarschmidt, Studio Mitte Aufnahmeleitung
Production line EIKON: Nick Pastucha
Production management rbb: Rainer Baumert
Editorial office rbb: Rolf Bergmann
Executive producer SCHNITTSTELLE: Astrid Vandekerkhove
Coproducent ThurnFilm: Valentin Thurn
Coproducent EIKON: Ulli Pfau

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