TV premiere: The money networkers - With local currency through the Corona crisis

We are pleased to announce the first broadcast of "The Money Networkers - With Local Currency through the Corona Crisis" by Karin de Miguel Wessendorf
*am 22.04.2022 auf ARTE Re, Uhrzeit folgt

In the Spanish region of Catalonia, two cities are trying to alleviate the economic consequences of Corona with local money. This works so well in Santa Coloma de Gramenet that the neighboring town of Barcelona will soon even pay its employees part of their salaries in the local currency. Silvia Pérez runs a small restaurant here. Her business has suffered badly from the lockdown, and now she is getting emergency aid in the local currency. This also strengthens other businesses in the city from which she buys. A local anti-crisis network is being created.

*Aufgund der aktuellen Situation in der Ukraine wurde die Ausstrahlung vom 24.03.2022 verschoben.