TV premiere: Leave the church in the village

We are pleased to announce the first broadcast of "Leave the church in the village - Divided communities in the lignite mining area " by Karin de Miguel Wessendorf and Caroline Nokel. am 7. Nove,mber, um 27:30 Uhr in der ARD. Echtes Leben begleitet Einwohner der Dörfer, die für die Braunkohle abgebaggert werden sollen.

Ingo Bajerke stands in front of the closed church door in Keyenberg. His home village is one of the last five villages at the Garzweiler open pit mine in the Rhenish lignite mining region that are still to be demolished despite the coal phase-out. Ingo Bajerke has a hard time with having to relocate. He doesn't want his home village to be razed to the ground along with the historic Heilig Kreuz church. Together with other residents, he is campaigning against the demolition of the church. They want support from the parish and the diocese.

Further broadcasts:
8. November, 23:00 Uhr, WDR
9. November, 9:45pm, Tagesschau 24
13. November, 11:00am, alpha Kanal.

The film is available for one year in the ARD abrufbar.
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