Pommes-Berge durch Corona
Kartoffelbauern in der Klemme

A documentary by Florian Schneider
A production of RBB

Festivals like Berlin's Lollapalooza are cancelled, Hertha and Union play in front of empty stands - the cancellation of major events in times of Corona hits not only music lovers and soccer fans hard. All this has severe consequences for farmers as well: With the cancellation of major events and restaurants on the back burner in times of Corona, the most important sales markets for French fries simply collapse. Thus, two million tons of potatoes for french fry production no longer find buyers. Potato farmers and french fry factories are facing ruin, and with them an entire industry. Millions of tons of expensively produced foodstuffs are in danger of ending up in the garbage. In addition, the ongoing drought is jeopardizing the new harvest.

September 4, 2020, 7:40 p.m., ARTE

Realisation: Karin de Miguel Wessendorf
Kamera: Christian Albrecht, Frank Kranstedt, Markus Müller, Roland Possler
Schnitt: Bastian Bischoff
Redaktion: Carolin Mayer


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