The Business of Development Aid – Das Geschäft mit der Entwicklungshilfe

A film by Caroline Nokel and Valentin Thurn
Production for NDR and ARTE

The private sector is increasingly engaged into public development aid. Facing a decrease in natural resources while the demand is growing, it is time to integrate corporate goals into those of development politics, politicians and entrepreneurs proclaim. World’s poverty and hunger can only be overcome, if the economy takes over and produces more food worldwide, they say. The documentary, that is produced for the German TV-Channel “Arte”, takes a look at the efficiency of public-private partnerships in the development sector. How do less developed countries profit from big private investments into their agriculture? How can you link the demand for profit and the goal to decrease hunger worldwide?

Special Prize of the Jury at the NaturVision Film Festival in Ludwigsburg (July 2018)

First broadcast:
on 09 May 2017, 20:15 on ARTE

am 18.11.17 um 22:30 bei phoenix

Weitere Informationen:
Kino-Preview am 02. Mai 2017:
Zülpicher Straße 24
50674 Köln
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