Inside Greenpeace
What does it take to save the world?

The Sky Original production is available exclusively on  Sky Nature and is part of the Sky Zero Klimainitiative to reduce CO2 emissions.
Broadcast End of 2022

Nominated at the following festivals:
Banff World Media Festival ▪️Blue Water Film Festival▪️Cinemare International Ocean Film Festival Kiel

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The Show

A documentary series (5 x 52 minutes) from Sky Studios
Produced by M.E.Works and Constantin Documentation
In cooperation with ThurnFilm

The film team accompanies activists and campaigners for a year on their mission to save our planet - worldwide and with exclusive insights. For the high-end documentary, Greenpeace is granting exclusive access for the first time to previously unseen footage selected for the five-part Sky Original, consisting of archive material with 18,000 tapes spanning 50 years. Not only is the crew of the icebreaker "Arctic Sunrise" accompanied on their month-long journey from the coast of Africa to the eternal ice of Antarctica. Spectacular actions planned in advance with the utmost secrecy are also accompanied at close quarters. But the hitherto lesser-known side of Greenpeace can also be seen: with legal campaigns, scientific work at the highest level and political lobbying right at the heart of power. Critics of the environmental protection organisation also have their say, giving a differentiated assessment of the NGO's role.


Matthias Ebel, Jochen M. Köstler
Executive Producer Sky
Christian Asanger, Nico Gammella
Executive Producer
Florian Nöthe, Jan Klophaus, Valentin Thurn, Florian Schneider

Verena Sieben, Verena Rendel, Wolfgang Klein

Simone Salzbrunn

Creative Consultant
Michael Gantenberg
Dramaturgical consulting
Nic Guttridge – The Story Consultant

Florian Nöthe, Max Rainer, David Herman, Valentin Thurn, Florian Schneider

Verena Sieben, Susanne Böhm, Natalie Lange, Verena Rendel, Simone Salzbrunn, Lukas Schneider

Production management
Onno Müller, Claudia Krappen, Ulrik Deman

Production management
Sarah van Holt, Andreas Tuerpe

1. recording manager
Maziar Yazdkhasti

Film management
M.E. Works
Britta Ebel, Tina Schöpkewitz
Production M.E.Works
Liesa Sophie Schroeder, Esma Figge, Moritz Ebel, Björn Helge Jochum, Sandra Wiluda, Anastasiya Brudkov
Research management
Verena Rendel, Simone Salzbrunn
Editorial RBB
Simone Salzbrunn, Lukas Schneider, Natalie Lange, Garnet Hinkerode, Eva Kunkel, Sarah May Torres, Lena Becker, Laura Elbling

Research Celebrities
Andreas Förster, Linda Richert
Anne Bürger, Max Rainer, David Herman, Valentin Thurn, Michael Gantenberg
Verena Rendel
Archive research and licensing
Bianca Doering – Finders Reward
Greenpeace International Archive Amsterdam
Steve Cairns, Franca Michienzi, Esther ten Bokum
Original music
Sebastian Fillenberg
Further composition
Marvin Miller

Director of Photography
Jakob Fuhr
Further Camera
Max Rauer, David Klammer, Henning Drechsler, Beate Scherer, Laura Hansen, Lisa Jilg, Leo Drenker, Martin Käswurm

Jan Rosemann

Further Sound
Juliane Varie, Ralf Weber, Tim Pattberg, Dwayne Dell, Leo Drenker

Bastian Bischoff, Ivan Morales jr., Anika Simon, Sebastian Schubert, Tim Sommer
Postproduction M.E. Works Media Productions
Marina Breitbach, Alejandro Sternbeck, Stephan Pätz, Simon Böing, Felix Dannenberg, Moritz Hettwer, Henri Pirwitz, Maja Meiners, Anna-Laura Crasemann
Postproduction - Grading and Conforming WeFadetoGrey
Swen Linde/Management
Roman Ulnyrow/Producer
Fabiana Cardalda/Senior Colorist
Jonas Damm, Linus Reissinger, Ivan Zimerman
Sound design & mixing TORUS GmbH
Stephan Colli/Film Sound Post Production
Gerry Menschik/Managing Director
Tina Haffke/Senior Producer
Käthe Höfer/Art Director
Christoph Große Hovest, Jonas Porschen/Art Director&Motion Design
Technical service provider Studio Berlin
Jonas Draber
SKY Germany
Elke Walthelm/Executive Vice President Content
Christian Asanger/Vice President Entertainment
Nico Gammella/Executive & Creative Producer
Kamila Schmid/Business Affairs
Fabian Klaus/Production Manager
Dr. Gerd Hansen/Head of Legal Affairs & Associate Producer
Wanda Koller/Head of Factual Channels
Stefanie Armbruster, Saskia Fath/Sky Nature Channel Manager
Vera Rockel/Director Communications
Thomas Schoeffner/Content PR
Jonas Hellebronth/Social Media
Milana Kosjer/Picture Management
Marion Hoenig/Content Logistics
Andreas Rebler/Content Management
Legal advice
Eva Pipke, Prof. Elmar Schumacher, Maria Maué, Christian Schepers

Press images
David Klammer, Christian Aslund

Anastasiya Brudkov, Fatou Cissé Kane, Mimi Faljic, Valentina Ricardo, Simone Salzbrunn, NoLimitsMedia
No Limits Media

Sales Management
Colin Ullmann
Production management
Martina Urgesi, Hanna-Katharina Bock
Sighting Greenpeace archive
Isa Reuter, Janos Fischer, Mina Wellmann, Tobias Walter, Nikolas Lux, Lucia Derow, Marlene Dilchert, Max Heimertzheim, Lucia Derow, Antje Caruso, Henri von Landwüst
We thank
Simon Black, Mike Townsley, Thomas Henningsen
In memory of
Garnet Hinkerode 1984-2021

A production by
M.E. Works Media Productions, Constantin Dokumentation
In cooperation with
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