DVD and streaming release of Dream on!

4 March 2022 is the DVD and online launch of "Dream on! - Yearning for Change"
From then on you can stream Valentin Thurn's film or simply pre-order it as a DVD.

Co-Autor: Sebastian Stobbe
Camera: Gerardo Milsztein
Sound: Michael Arens, Thomas Funk
Editor: Birgit Köster
Music: Pluramon
Poetry: Doris Schilz
Speaker: Dagmar Manzel
Sound design & mixing: Jörg Höhne, Studio Mitte
Color Grading: Tobias Schaarschmidt, Studio Mitte
Admissions Manager SCHNITTSTELLE: Tatjana Röhrig
Head of production EIKON: Nick Pastucha
Production management rbb: Rainer Baumert
Editorial office rbb: Rolf Bergmann
Executive Producer SCHNITTSTELLE: Astrid Vandekerkhove
Co-Producer ThurnFilm: Valentin Thurn
Co-Producer EIKON: Ulli Pfau

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