Susanne Böhm

Susanne Böhm has worked as a freelance author and director in Cologne since 1997.
She creates documentaries, reports, portraits and magazine features
for ARD, WDR, SWR, ARTE and others. She is particularly interested in
people, science and cultural topics. Another focus is on cinema and
Programme trailers, presentation tapes and image campaigns.

Susanne Böhm studied German, Italian and art history in Cologne, Pisa and Berlin. At the time of reunification, she gained her first television experience at the former SFB
and, as a co-partner of Cut Cologne Filmproduktion, has gained cinematic experience.

2021 Andere Zeiten Jornalistenpreis for „Unser Haus! Kölner Obdachlose helfen sich selbst“