Rubén Abruña

Rubén Abruña's love for documentaries was born during his bachelor's degree in "Film and TV Production" at New York University, under the guidance of Jean Rouch and George Stoney. Afterwards he studied there in the Master "Film Studies". Since 1980 Rubén Abruña has worked as a writer, director, editor, producer and publisher of documentaries and broadcast journalism stories in New York, San Juan, Miami and Zurich.

His films explore the relationship between people and their natural and built environments.


As Director 
2016 „Le roi cherche une toilette à louer“
2014 „La Casa Ausente / The Absent House“

As Cutter
2001 Winner of the „Wolfson Media Award“ for "South of Brooklyn"
2001 Winner of the „Telly Award“ for "South of Brooklyn"
2001 Winner of the „Gold Award“ from “The Aurora Awards Festival” for „What about Coral?“
1986 Winner of the „Blue Ribbon Award“ from „The American Film Festival“ for „The Battle of Vieques“