HOLY SHIT - the song

HOLY SHIT - The song for our documentary film of the same name by singer-songwriter Iris Lamouyette.

The song will be performed live by Iris Lamouyette at the German premiere of the cinema documentary "Holy Shit" on November 28 at the "Rex am Ring" in Cologne.
The nationwide premiere of the film HOLY SHIT is on 30.11.23.

Tickets to the HOLY SHIT CINEMA TOUR here.
More about our movie here.
More about Iris Lamouyette here

Published on Sunday, 19.11. the WORLD TOILET DAY.
Text, music and performance by Iris Lamouyette.
Directed by Silke C. Engler. Camera by David Klammer.
With exerpts from the movie "Holy Shit".
A documentary by Rubén Abruña, a ThurnFilm production.