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10 Billion -

What's On Your Plate?

A film by Valentin Thurn

German Cinema Premiere: 16.04.2015

Premiere in German Television: 24.08.16, 22:45, ARD;

Short version, 30 minutes: 13.10.16, WDR;

Short version, 45 minutes: 21.09.17, WDR;

Short version, 45 minutes: 20.03.18, phoenix;

Long version, 100 minutes: 30.09.17, 21:00, tagesschau24;

Long version, 100 minutes: 25.10.17, 00:45, SWR;

Long version, 100 minutes: 29.11.17, 22:45, BR

Long version, 100 minutes: 11.06.19, 22:45, BR

Long version, 100 minutes: 29.07.20, 23:30, until 05.08.20 in the media library, WDR

Over the course of this century, the world's population will grow to ten billion. Where is the food that each individual needs daily to survive, and of which every sixth one already has too little? How can we prevent humanity from destroying the basis for its nourishment by its growth alone? Director Valentin Thurn has shown with his last film "Taste The Waste", which immense amounts of food nowadays go unused to the garbage. In this way, he addressed a broad public and sparked an intense social debate. Now he goes a step further with his new documentary "10 billion" and puts the focus on agriculture as the basis of the world food.

How can enough food for ten billion people be produced in the future? Two camps claim to know the solution: On the one hand, industrial agriculture, which is expanding more than ever and is highly efficient in mass production. On the other hand, the biological and the traditional agriculture, which produce less mass, but gently handle the limited resources. On both sides the filmmaker wants to know how they want to feed the world in the future.

The film shows the global interactions in agriculture by protagonists from the central production areas such as seed, fertilizer, pest control, feed production, animal production and trade. The current practices of both sides are critically questioned, but the film also unreservedly presents their solutions and visions for the future. At the end, innovative approaches to food security at the local or regional level are presented. They all reveal the enormous influence we have with our eating habits. Each of us decides actively which way agriculture will perform in the future. "10 billion" provides a well-founded decision-making basis.

The documentary has great success. By now, more than 66.000 people were watching the movie in the cinema.

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