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Our meat - Organic or mass stock?

A film by Tatjana Mischke and Monika Kovacsics
A production for SWR

On german television: 26th of september 2018, 20.15, SWR

For many years, livestock farming was discussed only in specialist circles. But for some months now, the debate on ecological consequences and sustainability has widened. It's not just the greenies anymore, but also many conventional farmers themselves and even associations from the more conservative camp, who realize that things can not go on like this. The front of traditional industrial agriculture is crumbling.

Many conventional farmers earn less and less money in the current system and can barely survive. At the same time, we have been paying consumers for decades because the public must pay for the consequential costs, for example the nitrate pollution of groundwater by manure.

The film aims to show where the problems of the traditional agricultural system are and to present viable alternatives with concrete examples.


Director and Author: Tatjana Mischke and Monika Kovacsics

Camera: Stefan Arens

Sound: Philipp Klein

Editor: Frédéric Sapart

Producer: Valentin Thurn

Commissioning editor: Birte Gräper, Hans-Michael Kassel and Martin Schneider

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