Documentaries about people and their worlds

The red line - Resistance in Hambach Forest
10 Billion
Taste the Waste
Here and There
The Business of Development Aid
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The School Experient - Is There A Chance For Inclusion?at die Inklusion eine Chance?
Beloved Bullshit Job
The Business of Development Aid - The Virtue of Multinationals​
The Milk Rebels
Killer Germs
Less Is More
Fresh to the Trash - The Global Foodwaste
Life In-Between - People Between Sexes  ​
Guillaume Depardieu - "This is hell!"
The Whistleblower
Innocent Behind Bars
A Guide For Life
Battling The Superbugs
Food For Thought - Living On Trash
Sperm Donor Unknown - Anna’s Quest To Find Her Father
Vaccination – Just A Prick Of A Needle?
The Law Of The Jungle Behind Bars  - Ways To Get Away From Violence
„Not with my daughter!“ - Female Genital Circumcision In Europe
Without Proper Papers In Germany
„I am Al Qaeda“ - The Life Of Zacarias Moussaoui
"My child in your womb" - The Shady Business With Surrogate Mothers
Inadequacy Or Simply A Poor Show – Child Poverty In Affluent Europe
"My father wants to kill me" - Women On The Run From Being Killed In Matters Of Honour
Bitter Pills
A Child At All Costs
„Where have all the children gone...“
The Doctor, The Depleted Uranium And The Dying Children
"Oh, those Beckers" - A Family In The Limelight
"Daddy loves a man" - Children And Their Homosexual Fathers
The Trail Of The Toros – Bullfighting Steers On A Long Trek
Planet Knowledge: The Dinosaurs
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