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Missing Ten Hours

In development

A film by Krisztina Meggyes

“Investigation about 10 drug-induced hours missing from my life. 10 hours in the hands
of strangers. 7 years later it is time to know the truth.”

Next to rohypnol, the most common drug used in attacks is GHB. It is a sneaky weapon, a psychotropic type of drug. Under its influence you are not able to defend yourself or keep a situation under your control. What makes us human after all? I think it is that we are able to control our destiny by making decisions – GHB takes this essential part of your humanity from you. And it has another dangerous side effect: it causes blackout. Not knowing what happened can sometimes be worse than knowing because uncertainty contains
all the horrible options. Not knowing takes away the chance to process the trauma and makes you more afraid.
Because of its effects GBH is also known as a “rape drug”: since the victim has no memories the perpetrators don’t have to be afraid of being charged later on. Also, it is very difficult to find GHB as all traces leave the body within hours. Even with the huge latency, in around 5% of the sexual assault cases, rape drugs have been found to have been involved. Countries usually considered ‘safe’ are the ones mostly affected: Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden. (If we take a look at the broader perspective, mind altering tools, mostly alcohol is present at least half of the sexual assault cases. Alcohol, like drugs make the victim defensless.) There are victims all around us, yet we know nothing about them. What are we afraid of? Whatever it is, while keeping it a secret, it is hurting and burning even more.

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