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Killer Germs

A film by Frank Bowinkelmann and Valentin Thurn

A production for ARTE and NDR

„If a livestock is deseased or threatened by illnesses as for instance the flu, we absolutely  need to have the possibility to come back to antibiotics.” If you ask farmers why exactly such a huge amount of antibiotics is applied in animal feed, this kind of argument is often used. In Germany, over 1700 tons of antibiotics a year are in the field - in France it is even twice the amount. As a consequence, more and more resistant germs are comprising in the barns, two in particular: the so called MRSA and ESBL-germ. But not only are they resistant to most of the antibiotics used, they can even be found in our food. Thus, since they were found in our meat as well as on vegetables, they do not only mean a potential health threat for farmers who are in direct contact with animals and barns, but also for the average consumer. However,  how did these pathogens get there and what might be the consequences, if we are incorporating them? Questions that Frank Bowinkelmann and Valentin Thurn want to find an answer for by talking to scientists, farmers, veterinarians and doctors in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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