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How do we manage the agricultural turnaround?

A film by Tatjana Mischke and Caroline Nokel

In production for ARTE and SWR

TV premiere 23.03.2019, 21.45, ARTE

At NaturVision Filmfestival Ludwigsburg, 12.07.2019

At Aarauer Naturfilmtage in Aargau, 19.01.2020. More information.

At Ökofilmtour 2020 on January 21st in Eberswalde and on April 5th in Oderaue. More Information.

At NaturVision Schoolprogram 2020 in Baden-Württemberg. More Informations will follow.

Although industrial agriculture ensures our nutrition and has made vegetables, fruits and meat cheaper, we are becoming increasingly aware of their consequences: the drinking water is contaminated with nitrate, the insects die, the soils leach out. Therefore, not only environmentalists, but also the farmers themselves see that it cant go on like this. For one year, the film accompanies farmers looking for alternatives to industrial agriculture and asks which role the consumers and the subsidies of the EU play if a turnaround in agriculture is to succeed.

Winner of the Salus Media Prize 2019

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