When "system jumpers" grow up - On the YouTube trends!

The miniseries by Katharina Wolff, here: Parents at the Limit, is resonating with a large audience. The first part is still trending on YouTube and achieved a reach of ~ 250 000 views within 24 hours after upload. Since the day before yesterday, 8.02.22, the second part can also be seen in YouTube and was yesterday even on position 1, today on position 4 of the trends with ~ 560 000 views! Congratulations to our author Katharina Wolff.

YouTube comments:

„Es ist total bewegend. Ich habe einfach nur unbegrenzt Respekt vor den Eltern und der Familie. Ich finde den Umgang der Familien mit ihren Kindern sehr professionell, der Umgang des Systems mit den Kindern ist leider langsam und nicht immer on point. Am Ende ist es das Geld, Jugendamt und Jugendhilfe brauchen viel mehr Kapazitäten.“ – The Real Chillax

"I simply have to praise the WDR team, because you can see the great sensitivity and empathy with which this report was filmed. There is somehow a sense of appreciation for the parents and for Emil and Mercedes - after all, they all had to work so hard to make a bit of family happiness possible again. The camera also didn't consciously look for every conflict situation and accepted the limits when filming was not desired. You guys do great work!" – Lena

Available in YouTube:
Part 1: Wenn Jugendliche ausrasten
Part 2: Wenn es zu Hause nicht mehr geht 

Film page:
Wenn „Systemsprenger erwachsen werden