Start-Up Africa

A film by Lukas Roegler.
Developed as part of the Documentary Campus Masterschool 2016.
In co-production with nindo films.

From San Francisco to Berlin. From Shanghai to Sydney. The whole world is in startup fever. But nowhere are startups playing a bigger role than in sub-Saharan Africa, where a new generation of African entrepreneurs is setting out to change the continent from the ground up. From Lagos to Nairobi, from Kigali to Cape Town, young entrepreneurs across Africa are dreaming of using their startups to achieve what 60 years of Western development aid never could: the rise of a successful Africa on a par with the rest of the world. 

The film sheds light on a largely unknown, fascinating and rapidly changing Africa and invites us to take a new look at a young, hopeful continent. A continent that is preparing to become one of the world's most important players for investment and innovation - and where a new, sustainable way of doing business is gradually taking shape, which could even soon make Africa a role model and an opportunity for young Europeans.