Powder Mill

A film by Tama Tobias Macht, Johanna Sunder-Plassmann
A production for WDR (Menschen hautnah und Echtes Leben)

A high-rise in Cologne: 228 apartments, 30 nations, 12 religions, incomes ranging from Hartz IV to 70,000 net. An unusually colorful cross-section of society is reflected in the 12 floors of the apartment block in Cologne-Kalk. An ex-gangster lives next to the architect, the Turkish extended family next to the German student. The Italian janitor looks after the American computer scientist, as well as the long-time drug addict and the cleaner from Cuba. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikh, Berbers and Yazidis live here together under one roof. Now renovations are on the agenda. The apartment owners in the building are happy that the building will become more beautiful. But those who only rent are afraid of rising prices. How do the residents communicate with each other? Can they find a compromise on the housing issue that is fair to everyone?