Boy's Circumcision

23.07.2022, 21:58 Uhr, ARTE

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Ein Film von Insa Onken
A production by Thurnfilm
On behalf of ARTE

Removal of the foreskin is the most common operation performed on male children worldwide - for religious, cultural or medical reasons. In Africa, the WHO used boy circumcision in the fight against AIDS. But more and more doctors say that the harm is greater than the medical benefits and that surgery is performed far too often.

d by their circumcision are increasingly daring to go public: they are demanding that boys, too, be protected from circumcisions that are not medically necessary, and that their right to physical integrity thus be preserved. But few take the path like Florian. He is sure that his circumcision as a child was not medically necessary. Moreover, his parents were not informed about alternative options. Therefore, he wants to clarify in court whether the doctor acted wrongly.

Despite increasing criticism, the opinion that circumcision brings many benefits is still widespread. The film explores the question of when circumcision actually makes medical sense and critically questions the ethics of this millennia-old practice.

Editorial office SWR: Anne Holländer, Martin Schneider
Camera: Beate Scherer, Gerardo Milsztein
Sound: Juliane Vari, Armin Badde, Sebastian Stahl
Film edit: Dirk Hergenhahn
Graphics: Thomas Schmidl
Sound mixing: Matteo Bohé
Speaker: Yvon Jansen
Color correction: Lynn Al-Abiad
Cooperation France: Caroline Pelé
Cooperation Kenia: John Riaga
Line producer: Muriel Breier
Producer: Valentin Thurn
Distributor: Lucky You