Greenpeace Inside Mission: Saving the Planet

Start of shooting of the new Sky series in cooperation with ThurnFilm

We are pleased to announce ThurnFilm's involvement in the new series (5 x 52 minutes) "Greenpeace Inside - Mission: Saving the Planet", a Sky Original documentary produced by M.E.Works and Constantin Dokumentation. Valentin Thurn is acting as Executive Producer.

The film team accompanies activists and campaigners for a year on their mission to save our planet - worldwide and with exclusive insights. For the high-end documentary, Greenpeace is granting exclusive access for the first time to previously unseen footage selected for the five-part Sky Original, consisting of archive material with 18,000 tapes spanning 50 years. Not only is the crew of the icebreaker "Arctic Sunrise" accompanied on their month-long journey from the coast of Africa to the eternal ice of Antarctica. Spectacular actions planned in advance with the utmost secrecy are also accompanied at close quarters. But the hitherto lesser-known side of Greenpeace can also be seen: with legal campaigns, scientific work at the highest level and political lobbying right at the heart of power. Critics of the environmental protection organisation also have their say, giving a differentiated assessment of the NGO's role. 

The five-part Sky Original is produced by M.E. Works, Constantin Dokumentation and Sky Studios, in cooperation with ThurnFilm.

Matthias Ebel and Jochen Köstler are producers, Valentin Thurn (Thurnfilm) and Florian Schneider are executive producers, and Nico Gammella is executive producer for Sky. David Herman (e.g. Vendetta / Netflix) has been recruited as showrunner for the project.

Die Dreharbeiten haben bereits begonnen. Die Ausstrahlung ist für Ende 2022 geplant.
Have a look at the report on dwdl .