Fear of flood and monster waves - Portugal's fight against coastal erosion and climate change

A film by António Cascais
Commissioned by WDR / ARTE
In the series Arte:Re

Portugal's west coast is in danger: In northwestern Portugal - north of the coastal city of Aveiro - people are fighting a desperate battle against the advance of the sea. Every year, environmental authorities have to abandon villages and homes along the coast and relocate residents. It's simply too risky to stay there. Rising sea levels threaten to swallow whole fishing villages. But many residents don't want to accept that. They are desperately fighting against their resettlement. Meanwhile, the affected cities and communities are trying to solve the problem by building structures (protective walls) and deconstruction (demolition of houses), as well as by protecting the natural dune landscapes. A Sisyphean task.

Editorial: Petra Schmitt-Wilting

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